Ministering to couples who miscarry

When my wife miscarried in 2020 we stumbled across (someone may have recommended it, but we cannot remember who) a children’s book called The Moon is Always Round. I cannot recommend it more highly.

It was near impossible to read to my family the first time, but we pressed through in a mournful, sobbing 20 minute read. The next time was easier and, as God’s Spirit helped us, the book helped heal and comfort us.

My recommendation is to get several copies of this book at the ready for your people. I am sure it will be a help.

There are other resources that are helpful - but this was the most practical way to talk with my kids about their sibling they did not meet and the grief they saw in their parents and felt themselves.

Are there other particular things you have done, given, prayed, etc. that you have found to be particularly helpful for miscarriages?


Yes, dear brother; burial. Love

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This is tangentially related, but I’ve found the book “I’ll Love You Forever” helpful to read and talk with the grandkids, nieces and nephews about what is happening to Grandma/Aunt with Alzheimer’s.

And Joe, I have the same problem when reading it. It is my wife with Alzheimer’s.


I am very grateful for the hard work that the burial committee did to get our Hope John into the ground. He was the first to be planted and will now have very good company in the rise from the dead.

We are currently ministering to a family in our church who miscarried several years ago. One of the first questions I asked was if they were able to bury him. His dad quickly responded, quite bruskly, “of course we did. You can’t just put them in the medical waste bin!” It made me love him even more.


I will pray for you and your wife, Jeff. What is her name?

And thank you for the recommendation. I will pick up a copy to read and have at the ready.

Thanks for the prayers. Her name is Linda.




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