Meanwhile, the founder of Revoice. . .

(Zak Carter) #1

(Jesse Tiersma) #2

I guess “such were some of you” is not in his Bible.

(Topher) #3

How does he know this? I mean, it would take a lot of personal interviews and intimate knowledge of the inner workings of many other people’s hearts. Is he privy to all that? (Facetious rambling tone).

But as an aside, taking his argument as a starting point: I’m not sure that remaining struggles with inner lusts or the confusion of affections and sexuality means there is no real dispositional change in the human spirit towards the Creator (as suggested by Jesse). The conversation of “what constitutes real conversion, existentially?” should hang on the meaning of Paul’s words in Romans 7, in my opinion. If Paul was a changed man, why did he still struggle… or did he? It’s an important question, at least for me, as a terrible sinner.