McColonize the Kracken

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

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Yes…the Cruella trailer broke my brain too. :man_facepalming:

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The idea that man is the worst thing to happen to the earth is @acmcneilly’s and my least favorite part of Planet Earth. It’s mostly an undertone, except for the one episode that says (roughly), “This beautiful landscape is entirely untouched by humans. And may it ever be so.” :innocent: :roll_eyes:


Yeah that stuff really puts a damper on Planet Earth for me. As much as I like slow motion iguanas.


Hey all,

I enjoyed this episode a lot, but I wanted to make a minor point. Although I agree with the critique of McCracken all the way and I want to give a lot more benefit of the doubt to Christians and the British Empire, I think it needs to be counterbalanced by recognizing many of the ills of modernity and civilization.

C.S. Lewis wrote that in history we often see humans gaining things all the time and losing things all the time. Sometimes social losses are covered up by superficial gains. I was recently reading Booth Tarkington’s Magnificent Ambersons (tragically under-appreciated). I am pretty sure he’s not in the least bit PC nowadays, but he has some truly profound thoughts on how his society changed from the civil war to the twentieth century.

What this means is that we can look at civilization and I could say that there was a tradeoff for the worse: we gained air-conditioning and medicine with the modern economy, but we lost the traditional household and the family suffered. I don’t see any problem with saying that’s a step down, and even with seeing some of the good in more traditional societies before the west came in.

Similarly, if I am looking at the Indians, I want to be honest about horrific things like the Aztecs and the Native American scalpings, and it’s fine to say that the whites were, all in all, superior. But I can also say that we got things wrong that Indians got right, and similarly that medieval Europeans got things wrong that Asian and even Islamic societies got right.

In short, while it might be true in some ways that Christianity has been an astonishing force for good in the west, that doesn’t mean that anything we might mean by “the west” is just a force for good. It also means it’s not a force for evil, which is where I agree with you guys against the woke.

Anyway, hope that’s helpful.
Brian Marr


I think that’s very helpful. I hope we didn’t paint with too broad a brush. Obviously west=good, everything else=bad is reductive and silly.

That said, I really like air conditioning.

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