Matt Chandler betrays Christ's sheep

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Sent out a tweet a couple days ago in response to an interview Matt Chandler got HBO’s Vice to do with him. He’d told them he was the guy they should interview because he’s the guy who has things figured out and he’s the guy who is building one of the fastest growing churches in…


This was really disappointing to me. I didn’t expect this from Matt Chandler.

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Sorry, dear brother. Pray for his repentance. Love to all,

His blindness is evident at the end of the video… He sets up two ways the “evangelical” community will go in the coming days… 1) “Try to reach the world by becoming like the world” and 2) “Hold fast to orthodox faith…”… He obviously thinks he’s in the #2 camp. What Is The Future Of Evangelicalism? | VICE on HBO (Bonus) - YouTube

Pray for courage for us younger pastors to warn our flocks… no one likes a party pooper.


Thank you for the warning here, brother. I totally agree with you that Chandler minced his words here and thus appears to have compromised. What I’m curious about is why identify him as a “false shepherd”.

Should we merely say we “disagree” with him, or should we warn our people not to listen to him because he’s a false shepherd?

I’m guessing you don’t say something like that on the basis of just a single statement by brother Matt. I’m not intimately familiar with his ministry so I can’t say you’re wrong. But it does seem like a big deal to categorize him as such that shouldn’t be treated lightly.

Could you please explain what you mean in this instance when you speak of a “false shepherd”?

Thanks brother,


Dear Chris, Jesus said this: “I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.He who is a hired hand, and not a shepherd, who is not the owner of the sheep, sees the wolf coming, and leaves the sheep and flees, and the wolf snatches them and scatters them. He flees because he is a hired hand and is not concerned about the sheep" (John 10:11-13). The wolf today is saying homosexuality is good and right. Chandler is fleeing, and attacking the sheep he’s leaving behind. His words trash faithful Christians as denying that homosexuals are souls and are human beings. His words on the sin of homosexuality are the very opposite of the Apostle Paul’s writing to an identical culture drowning in homosexualism. The Apostle Paul condemns homosexualism with words like “degrading passions.” God says “abomination.” Jesus says those who flee the wolf are hirelings, which is to say bad shepherds or false shepherds. Hope that helps. Love,


Thanks for clarifying where you’re coming from, brother. That’s helpful.

It really shouldn’t be that surprising that Chandler was so weak in this interview. He’s been a fan of Sam Allberry and Julie Rogers for awhile. He had Sam Allberry come to The Village to speak at a forum back in 2015. These forums are supposed to bring in experts to train the members of his church…I remember going to one of these forums back when I attended the village…the topic was marriage and the speaker was Paul Tripp…

You can find the Sam Allberry forum over on the Village site if you want…


This whole debate begins to shift dramatically when one is aware that the word “homosexual” was never even in the original Bible. In the original Greek and Hebrew texts, the word that is now translated to ‘homosexual’ actually accurately translates to PEDOPHILE.

In other words, according to the bible, homosexuality is NOT a sin, however, child molesting definitely is. Why is the Evangelical church not addressing the issue of pedophilia and molestation if that’s what the Bible is actually condemning?

Wow! Thanks, real eye-opener. Come to think of it, I read a lengthy expertise about this problem in a book called “The Grace of Shame” by some obscure authors, Bayly or so. You might want to check it out!


Hey @armchair_theologian,

What Andreas is getting at is that you have not just found some random blog comment section. You are commenting on a post written by the author of the book he mentioned, which deals at length with the topic of what the greek means.

Whoever told you that was lying to you. You’ve been sold a bill of goods. Neither conservative nor liberal language experts or historians believe what you said. They both acknowledge the Bible condemns homosexuality as normally understood. The liberals then reject the Bible as wrong, while Christian conservatives accept it as right. There is a small group of people that tries to have it both ways, claiming the Bible is right, but then twisting its meaning to say what they want it to say. That’s what you are doing.

I encourage you to read the book.

You may also find this video helpful on the topic:


Yes, Joseph, thank you. Sorry, @armchair_theologian I was a bit snarky. And by the way: Tim and Joseph have spoken at length about child abuse and molestation for a long time. Example:


Well, good thing there are so many straight men in the church to protect these young boys from all the perverted gay men running rampant in the world. And good thing older straight men aren’t bound by the same bondage when it comes to fetishizing young girls the way mature gay men do little boys. Thank you so much for helping clear this up for me!

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