Man and Woman in Christ

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:


So I have a couple of questions about the project, more from a professional curiosity perspective. (I’ve already backed the project enthusiastically.)

  1. I remember hearing about this project several years ago. What were the challenges that needed to be overcome to get the project to where it’s currently at? In some ways, this is a nice way of asking what took so long, but from the perspective of one who understands that there are usually a host of reasons why things take a long time. So, no critique here; just genuinely curious.

  2. in a similar spirit, I was wondering about the rationale of your choice of funding platform. I’ve never heard of Fundly before, so I was curious what advantages it had that drew you to it. Again, just professional curiosity. Please read no critique here.


@jtbayly or @acmcneilly will be able to speak more fully to this. From what I remember, it was a massive job to format the darn thing. 183939394894939 endnotes and things that had to be properly linked in order to generate a workable text. A bigger load of work than you might expect.

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Just that many endnotes? Piffle. :grin:

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Hi Seth,

Heh heh, actually, 793 endnotes to be exact. :nerd_face: And some of them within footnotes!

There are many parts of the process of producing a book, and each of those parts gets more complicated the longer the book. There were multiple versions of this book already out there floating around, and we had to settle on which one would be our best base to work from. Even the best digital version was not great. So we had to do the painstaking work of proofreading, deciding if and how we were going to reformat 300,000+ words of content, making style decisions, and then cleaning up and preparing a manuscript for a contemporary workflow. Then there’s the administrative work of negotiating and writing up a publishing agreement and securing the rights to actually publish. Then there’s marketing the book and making a plan for how in the world you’re actually going to pay for printing and distributing it, which God has been very kind to provide for!

Those of us who work for Warhorn also have many other aspects of our callings that require our focused attention at various times. Most of us are involved in church planting right now, so projects like this can easily end up on the back burner because of more pressing work in our local contexts.

Regarding the second question: A number of years ago we researched various non-profit CRM options, as we were very unsatisfied with our open-source CRM we’d been using for far too long. We settled on Fundly as a CRM since its functionality seemed to fit the structure and needs of our organization. It just so happens that Fundly also has a crowdfunding platform which natively integrates with the CRM, so it’s been very convenient to use that platform for our most recent crowdfunding campaigns.

Thanks so much for your support. It’s a great encouragement.


Thanks for the response!


Looking forward to seeing the final product and especially the Bayly’s book on marriage. Praying that the church would repent of a lot of foolishness and God would be glorified by this good work.