Luca (2021): Disney hates dads

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

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I’m a Wall-E apologist.

It doesn’t hurt that it was my kids’ favorite movie for a while, and one of them pronounced it “Wobby”…but still.

Beneath the bombastic, surface-level messaging is a subtlety that undermines where the typical progressive wants to take that messaging. Even the end credits sequence plays into this undercurrent. Every time I watch it, I notice something new, and I appreciate its genius more.

I won’t litigate it here, but it is worth a discussion.

Agree with your Luca take. I appreciated the simplicity of the story and friendship that went against the grain of the cultural gaystapo.

Just don’t think about the rules of the world too hard.


Strong agree. The first time I watched Wall-E, I was fully prepared to loathe the ending I thought was coming. The actual ending blew me away.


Alright, I put my thoughts in a thread, because Wall-E was a hot topic yesterday and today and I’ve been wanting to get my thoughts down for a long time.


Nicely done. I’ve still never seen it somehow but now maybe I have to.


I agree completely. Always have since the first day I saw this great movie. It is the top Pixar movie. It is one movie that I have seen several times (but not as many times as Heaven Can Wait - wink, wink @nathanalberson and Sanity at the Movies :grinning:)


Well done. Thanks.


Like … the Warren Beaty movie?


It will always be one of the all-timers in my mind.