Loki, Episode 6 (Finale)

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

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Maybe you did this on another episode about the rest of the show. But it seemed to me that the show was a twist on the creation story. Loki and Silvi were the new Adam and Eve. With Kane being the new god albeit an evil one. Kane offers them the opportunity to rule in his stead. Eve rejects it in an attempt at free will and kills god bringing in the curse-multiverse.

I don’t usually like to read that much stuff into a thing but man you’d have to be blind to miss that this show was trying hard to make a religious and philosophical statement.

You all obviously hated it. But I really don’t know that there would have been a satisfying ending or that the producers of the show were capable of answering the questions they were asking, not in any satisfying or God-honoring way at least. I really liked the whole series and the ending didn’t ruin it for me. I don’t know what would have been better.