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I ran across this video from Theopolis and it seems Theopolis is now calling for us all to feast our way out of this pandemic. I’m not sure what is being called for except to go to Costco and loosen the belt. I just ran into Theopolis and Leithart and I’ve heard he has a more Augustinian/sacramental view, but I’m also trying to figure out what that means. I know that Calvin and the reformers generally were much more attuned to the sacraments than we are in modern day America, but what does that look like in today’s church?

You should look up Leithart on the old Baylyblog as well as Out of Our Minds. Pastor Bayly has dealt extensively with the problems coming from Pastor Leithart and Theopolis.


This is the mantra of the new sacramentalists who have now largely been victorious in the conservative Reformed church today. While the critique is somewhat true of low-church nondenominational and other mainstream conservative Christians, it’s important to realize that Federal Visionists, Theopolis, Leithart, and most CREC men repeat this claim in the promotion of sacramentalism itself. Not Calvin’s view of the sacraments.

Take these men’s paedocommunion, for instance: Calvin explicitly opposed precisely what they write and what they are doing. Also, consider their practice of weekly communion: Calvin agreed to quarterly communion even though he thought weekly was proper.

These men would never agree to less than weekly communion nor to any barring of infants and toddlers from the Lord’s supper. In other words, they may say the church or Reformed church today is not Calvinist in sacramentology, but what they’ll never honestly add is the plain truth that they themselves are not Calvinist in their sacramentology. Love,


Please read the chapter on the sacraments in our Church Reformed, also. It’s aimed at answering this question in a non-divisive way while focussing particularly on Calvin and Knox’s practice.

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I’ll read the chapter of the book. I’ll need to work it out as I haven’t read Calvin, but hope to. I know I disagree with him on headcoverings, but I’ve heard great things about the institutes.