Let the machine guns roll

Looks like Arkansas is becoming a second amendment sanctuary.


Now if only some state would nullify Roe. We’re all nullifying federal law all over the place, but nobody cares to do it for something that really matters.


I agree, but to enforce such a ban you need laws like this.

I mean, weapons are part of the process, sure, but I’m just going to go out on a limb and say having civilians with fully-automatic weapons vs semi-automatic weapons isn’t going to make a lick of difference in the decision or the implementation.

  1. Pass a law outlawing abortion.
  2. Send the state police to shut down the remaining abortuaries.
  3. Ignore the legal challenge, along with the Supreme Court decision(s).
  4. Wait to see if the federal government is going to send US Marshals or National Guard to attempt to open the abortuaries.
  5. If they do, issue a call to… whoever you want, but make it public. Could be state police, militias, guardsmen in the state, or just the citizens in general, to peacefully stand (armed) to protect innocent life to the death.
  6. Find out whether the federal government is willing to start a civil war over this. (They won’t.)
  7. Suffer the cutting off of all federal funds. (This is the reason why nobody will do this.)

I think number 7 on your list is huge, and God bless the first state that takes a stand to defend the babies.


I believe a couple of states have passed “heartbeat” bills. But that’s not exactly what you are talking about.

The counter-move here is to nullify federal taxes in the state. That is, in effect, secession.

There are basically zero American politicians who are interested in this level of confrontation with the federal government.


I actually do believe the federal government would start a civil war over this. I would totally support a state nullifying Roe, but count the cost.


I agree that the federal government likely would start a civil war over Roe tomorrow. But would they do so in 10 years? Our ruling class has been burning credibility and capability like it’s going out of style.

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For this to work, would one would also need a way of stopping women from crossing state lines in order to have an abortion?

Yes and no. It wouldn’t have the largest immediate effect on reduction of abortions without such a ban.

But it would be a more generally acceptable approach to allow the travel, because it would reduce the need for federal intervention in the first few States. And it’d be simpler.

If this nullification rolled across the States incrementally, then it could work like pot is.


In 10 years, we will have to ask if the new Chinese federal government would start a civil war over this.


And closer to home…

The NCAA doesn’t let your state’s colleges play, and the MLB doesn’t let your state’s team play; and the accrediting agencies threaten to void our state’s colleges’ accreditation, leaving new teachers ghettoized and only able to teach within your state; and the medical residency placement system threatens to refuse to place any of your state’s medical residents, and out of state hospitals won’t accept your child to treat his life-threatening condition; and all the big west coast software companies that control 90% of the online commerce websites start freezing the accounts of users from your state; and Apple and Google threaten to deactivate the smart phones of users from your state; and some federal regulatory or administrative official directs the large east coast financial investment companies to freeze the assets of certain investors from your state; and Walmart starts closing stores in your state, and Trader Joe’s and Aldi and your favorite stores threaten to stop doing business in your state; and the FAA threatens to ban flights into and out of your state…

And students from the state-funded colleges in your state organize riots in your state’s cities and constant disruptions of state and local government functions; and all the national media maintain a constant screaming that the wicked leaders and people of your state are KILLING people because they’re not getting their federal funds, and that it’s RACIST and HATEFUL and WICKED and it’s worth a NUCLEAR STRIKE if needed to stop this; and all the hip, nationally known reformed religious leaders condemn your state’s actions, saying it’s not necessary, it’s not wise, it’s not loving, it’s a poor representation of what Christianity truly is…

And some members of your church who work for large out-of-state corporations are in danger of losing their jobs over suddenly alleged code of conduct violations; and other members of your church who own their own Christian businesses suffer a severe loss of contracts (no one wants to be found to be making contracts with businesses from your state); this causes your church’s monthly tithes and offerings to drop severely such that the pastor is no longer able to be full-time, and the church has trouble paying its bills and is quickly in danger of losing its building; the deacons’ fund is empty; multiple church members with young families are out of work and in danger of losing their houses…

It would take a populace characterized by manful courage and faith to be able to stomach even the intense pressure of such constant threats, let alone actual deeds, that would be such a state’s constant fare. All the pressure would be to get them to recant; to alienate their support base; to make an example of them, a hissing and a byword, such that no one would dare ever to try that again in this generation.

Think of the challenges of stomaching such things ourselves, and getting our own wives on board with such sacrifice, and our children, and our churches–let alone the rest of the populace of our state. Our civic leaders are good at testing the wind. They see truly that WE currently lack the stomach for the least of these sacrifices. That WE would not support them. That WE would leave our leaders alone, exposed, and vulnerable. The problem is not our leaders. It is evident that the problem is that when push comes to shove, WE want the treasures of this life. And our leaders do their best to give us that.

What repentance looks like is cultivating in ourselves, our wives, and our churches, a willingness and a readiness to endure suffering. When our leaders see Christians who are willing to suffer, it will put things in a different light for them. It will strengthen them to do right.

May God bless our work of repentance in ourselves, our wives, and our churches.


Good response, @danielmeyer. Thank you. I really doubt that I’m willing to suffer much at all - may God help me.

Perhaps I’m misinterpreting you, @tesseract, but I really dislike the title of this thread. The article is certainly worth posting, and the ensuing discussion has been good, but I feel like you are being glib about civil war… and I really hate it when conservative Christians do that. I think it’s right to be willing to suffer and fight and die for what we believe when the time comes. But we shouldn’t be glib about such an horrific thing as civil war.


I didn’t understand the title to be a reference to anything but owning machine guns.


Nor did I.

Though I’ve got my eye on a Sherman Tank.


Well, I guess I’m easily triggered. :wink:


I can see how you could take it that way, but it was not meant to take anything so serious glibly. It was more a celebration of a long lost freedom. When Joseph posted his response about abortion, I only then realized that it could have further implications, but I certainly don’t long for any such outcome. It’s my great desire that the babies be saved and war avoided.


#7 is the keystone. Local/state leaders should be building their people up to suffer practical consequences that come from bursting federal golden handcuffs.

No more blood money.


This is a phenomenal post.


This sounds like the strategy End Abortion Now is using. I think there are proposed laws like this stuck in committee in AZ, OK, SC, and TX.

The Apologia podcast covered a situation not too long ago where the Arizona Prolife industry were the main opponents in criminalizing abortion. The death industry didn’t have to lift a finger.