Legacy Standard Bible, Philippians

You can download LSB’s Philippians. I’ve only been able to look at the first chapter. There are some minor word-order changes. These differences stood out:

• “slaves” instead of “bond-servants” (v. 1)
• “to think” instead of “to feel” (v. 7; gk phroneo)
• “chains” instead of “imprisonment” (v. 7, 13. 14, 17) = an example of putting one of the “lit.” margin readings into the text (bravo)
• “brothers” instead of “brethren” (v. 12)
• “magnified” instead of “exalted” (v. 20; gk " megaluno)
• “reason for boasting” instead of “proud confidence” (v. 26; gk kauchema)

All seem reasonable and good.


I’ve yet to work through the Mark download. I may look at Philippians first. I’m torn between being hopeful (as a '77 NAS guy) and cringing about the prospects of yet another translation.