Leave Kanye alone (Jesus is King hot take) - Warhorn Media


This was great. This whole situation is ripe for popportunism.


Yeah no kidding. So much popportunism

  1. I enjoyed the episode.

  2. Much like Jeremy, I have been a Kanye fan. Yeezus stepped over the line for me, but MBDTF is my nominee for best rap album ever recorded.

  3. How dare you guys call out us Bon Iver fans so accurately.

  4. Jesus is King is a good album, both as a Christian album and as a rap album.

  5. I have never even thought to pray for a celebrity before, but my wife and I have prayed for Kanye and his wife. I’ve never had the desire to meet a celebrity, but I wish I could meet Kanye with words to encourage him.


I know people love to hate the Fireproof movie and ones like it. But it was such a great moment when the lead male character looks over at his computer (where he does his pornography) with weakness and longing, but then sees the situation as it is and does battle. Loved it.


Kanye flying in a helicopter with James Corden fills me with joyful longing.