Kids and Happiness

A few years ago there was a study and a bunch of articles going around that claimed that having kids makes you less happy, but that there were other benefits that might make it worthwhile.

This guy wrote a fun and funny article talking about how he was dreading having kids, but it was unexpectedly great. Including making him much happier. Read it and smile. And use it as a helpful reminder this Christmas as you spend time with your kids.


This was fun, thanks for sharing; it gave me pause to reflect.

I was in a similar boat to the writer, with the mind that I wanted kids… eventually. By God’s very good grace, when I got engaged, the couple who did our premarital counseling changed my mind about them quickly. They convinced me that having kids was essential to marriage, that children are a blessing, and, by virtue of the many hours we spent with them, got to see that having children was delightful. They have four.

If I could offer all couples (and pastors directing couples) seeking premarital counseling one piece of advice, it would be to find it from a couple who has a passel of kids - not just a couple or three, but a lot of them.