Kevin de Youngs article "From silence to complexification to capitulation"

What a helpful article to help us see the slippery slope.

However, I am wondering if the actual starting point is “silence” or if there are other things that have happened prior to this silence.
When elderly people get shingles, there has been lurking in their body a virus for many decades, seemingly dormant, which then breaks out.
I wonder if there is an undelying false theology that is lying there, seemingly dormant, a theological virus, that first breaks out as silence.

Of course, I am back to my favourtie topic - the practice of headcoverings and its underlying theology as given by Paul in 1 Cor 11:7-12 in his authoritative explanation and exegesis of Genesis 1 & 2. The virus is the the rejection of Paul’s injunctions “man ought not” and “woman ought to” and his authoritative explanations and teachings, and it is this virus that first breaks out in what is seemingly the mild symptom of “silence”.

There is only one creation for there is only one creator. There is only only one correct explanation and understanding of man and woman as created by God. Egalitarians put forward a very different explanation. It is impossible for opposite explanations to both be correct. Paul in 1 Cor 11:2-16 has given us his authoritative explanation, let us work hard to understand it and live in accordance with it, lest the virus of unbelief destroy us and our churches as well.

I commend you to read my posts on 1 Cor 11:2-16 particulary, Instalment 4. Read them, re-read 1Cor 11:2-16, re-read Genesis 1&2 and Psalm 8. And please, give some critique and feedback on what I say.

It was curious, though it could simply be oversight, that Pastor DeYoung didn’t mention somewhere, likely in the section on pivoting on other issues, the softening of a church on biblical sexuality. Isn’t this the most obvious place where compromise begins?

That, and the lack of any kind of church discipline for sin would be telling.