Just War theory

I’m interested in reading an intro-level book (or audio book) on just war theory. Anyone have a recommendation?

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Hmmmm…short on intro level books but check out the following:

A pretty thorough article from a few years ago: The Just War as Christian Tradition

D.A. Carson gave a pretty solid sermon on this a few years ago: Sermons | Capitol Hill Baptist

James Turner Johnson has written some very helpful and accessible books on just war. I read a few of them many years ago and your local library might have some of them. However, they are expensive to buy.

Here is a pretty helpful recent related podcast on pacifism as well: Pacifism and Paul Maxwell — Doctrine and Devotion

Also I have not read it but J. Daryl Charles is a good author and this would be worth looking into: Amazon.com

Hope these bless you!

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An important topic that needs better answers than what I hear from within most of the evangelical community.

Hey, Dan. I have a high school classmate that just finished a book on a history of the treatment of war by evangelicals from before WWII until after Vietnam. I asked him this question. He recommended “In Defense Of War” by Nigel Biggar

No idea if it will be any good or not, but it may provide you somewhere to start.