Iwo Jima Moscow Mood Swag

Moscow never misses a marketing opportunity. For $25, you too can subliminally support armed Christian rebellion.

I posted the above on FB and received a snarky response from Rench thanking me for the share. And he shared my post…


Rench made that?

Not sure if he designed it. FLF pushed it on their FB page and Rench is doing his best to promote it.

Ah. They’ve tended to do that, recently.

I don’t understand how they think that’s helpful.

It’s ironic to the extreme. The Moscow men would never submit to authority long enough to be in a position to allow them the type of victory we see on display with the flag hoist from Iwo Jima. That type of victory requires submission, teamwork, knowing your place and staying in your lane. Those are not traits typical of Moscow


Occurs to me that, to a lot of normies out of our bubble, wearing a shirt with “Moscow Mood” in big letters may communicate your Putin fandom or Old Soviet fandom. Sort of like when Comrade Sabie wore used to wear his Russian cap to church. (It’s a cool hat.)


It is fanboy stuff Ben, which I have been guilty of myself as you mentioned. Unlike in my case, Moscow and their fanboys have been warned over and over of the dangers of their rhetoric and the schism it produces in the church. Their desire for fame, fandom, and growing their following seems to blind them to these things


Anyone who wears this should be told, “I know veterans; my grandfather fought in World War 2; my uncle was in Vietnam; my brother died in Afghanistan. You, sir, are no combat veteran.”

Even better if they could hear it directly from a WWII vet.


Still, Doug was sailor on submarine, and few military men did more crucial work to keep us from nuclear war. “Blind Man’s Bluff.”