Is our beloved Alistair Robertson the same man as Alastair Roberts?

(Kelly) #1

I do apologize, by the way. Thanks for being a good sport!

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(Valerie) #2

Hey…there are worse people to be confused with!

There’s also an Al**i**stair Roberts in a Facebook group I follow, and it throws me every time.

(Fr. Bill Mouser) #3

Alistair Robertson, I wonder if we might persuade you and Alistair Roberts to go into a dark alley somewhere and come to some sort of mutual agreement on who gets to use his proper name around here. It would be such a kindness to the rest of us poor souls who, obviously, cannot keep up with who is speaking about what! :roll_eyes:

(Alistair Robertson) #4

Well, I have a number of points in favour of my keeping ‘Alistair’:

  1. I am older and came by my name first.
  2. ‘Alistair’ is actually my name. His name is ‘Alastair’. Note the equitable use of a’s and i’s in my name and the flashy, OTT use of three a’s in his name. In fact, were I not a man of grace and kindness, I might say his name is rather one i’ed.
  3. I am, actually, the only one of us both who is in this group.

For all these reasons, I am Alistair, no matter what heights of internet fame Alastair may attain.

(Kelly) #5


As long as you don’t have a similar avatar as he does on other platforms, I’ll probably (hopefully) remember…

(Kyle Grindberg) #6

I wondered if he was Alastair Roberts too! Whoops!

(Bnonn Tennant) #7

Could someone please invite Alistair Roberts to Sanityville?

(Alistair Robertson) #8


Remember that extra ‘a’. There is no Alistair Roberts, only Alistair Robertson and Alastair Roberts in this conversation.

It would be great to have him.

(Bnonn Tennant) #9

I’m going to register accounts under the names Alistair Roberts and Alastair Robertson, so everyone can be as confused as I am.

(Joseph Bayly) #10

The answer is “No. He’s not.”

(Kelly) #11


Me eating humble pie, immortalized in a Sanityville post for all to see. :rofl:

Ah, me.