If you care about your email

and you use a Mac, this is a very helpful thread:

And it’s not just the typical Google bashing, either. I use Fastmail for many of the reasons listed, but there are good counter arguments. One of the main TidBITS guys uses Gmail and is happy with it. But you won’t be surprised that he doesn’t recommend using Apple Mail.


The guy at TidBITS who uses Gmail uses https://mailplaneapp.com as a client. Mailplane has been around for nearly 13 years. If you use Gmail on a mac, I recommend you check it out.

Another great option for the Mac and iOS is https://sparkmailapp.com. The free version is plenty for my uses — and I have five email accounts, some Gmail and some Exchange.

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TidBITS IS Adam Engst. Smile.

I’ve been with Mailplane since version 1 and use it to to keep three inboxes and a calendar open at work, and two inboxes and two calendars open at home. The developers have always interacted courteously with support requests and been willing to make test builds available to users in bad need of a fix when something comes up. Recommended.


Do you use this on iOS? What do you do with the default email app? Just don’t use it, hide it in a folder?

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Yes, on Mac and iOS. I think you need to keep the Apple Mail app around because that’s where you find the setting for your default email app.

A couple of things I like about Spark:

  • You can create templates for common emails you send out. Very handy for work.
  • You can connect some other apps to it and use shortcuts to copy emails to them. I’ve connected my Todoist and Evernote accounts to Spark. With a swipe, I can save a task with a link to the original email or send the whole thing as text or PDF to Evernote.

I’ve found spark slow to launch and iffy when it comes to running in the background and keeping me notified promptly. It is not something I want to rely on when running through an airport.

You can delete the Apple Mail default app on iOS and really on MacOS too, but on Mac you have to disable SIP. If you google dosdude1 he also provides custom images of MacOS that expose more functionality than the default.

Regarding OP I have never had an issue with Gmail for iOS. Google’s iOS utilities in fact, I think work a lot better than Apple’s. But Apple has never really been a software company and they have drug their feet when it comes to platform independence.

Eric, so what would be your recommendation? I have some Gmail account and other Exchange accounts for work, so a Gmail-only app is a nonstarter for me.

For features/reliability/integration Google owns it. There is no better set of services out there. I bear no love for the company but their utilities are unbeatable.