What do people think of MeWe?

I joined it a couple of years ago, and love it, but there are just not enough people to make it worthwhile.

I note @tbbayly is on there. Anyone else?

Can’t say I am. Why do you like it?

Clean look. Easy to navigate. Option to buy a subscription if you want. Limited censorship (though there have been a couple of complaints).

Just less of an assault on the brain when you open it up.

Listening to Joseph and Lucas obomanate FB, over a year ago, in addition to FB and Twitter, I signed up for MeWe, Gab, and Minds, and since have posted everything all five places. Radio silence from any of the rest of them, and this after a year. I keep doing so and keep wondering why?

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I’m impressed by your discipline. I do see what you post on MeWe, but honestly see it on Facebook, too.

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