I Asked the Lord That I Might Grow

New Warhorn Media post by Alex McNeilly:


Dear brother, this is simply superb. Read it yesterday, then read your book review of Jack Miller’s son’s, “A Praying Life.” I don’t remember the review from when it was first written and published, but it is also superb. I hope everyone reads both these pieces.

Talking with Mary Lee about your review, I was thinking that this featherlight doctrine of sin and the Fall in the lives of Christians is constant among the CCEF crowd out of Philly—their speaking and writing and counselling. I’m so tired of ostensibly reformed men having no faith for real sin and real forgiveness, meaning real grace and real sanctification. If they read me saying this, they’d have a fit. I’m reminded of a situation years ago with one of their authors who was defending to me his covering up the sinful sexual perversion committed by one of Philly’s famous Presbyterians who, at the time, this author was counselling. I had tried to get him to call for the discipline of the man’s longtime covered up sexually perverted abuse of young men, and he refused, saying to me: “I like to think that I believe in grace and am willing to extend it to sinners.”

Paul’s dad was bigger than Paul in these circles, I’m sure you know, and Jack did call for repentance, but there was always something off about his doctrine of sanctification that reminded me, at times, of Watchman Nee or the let-go-and-let-God movement.

Anyhow, those are just some thoughts awakened by your helpful writing, and take or leave them. But again, thank you for this wonderful work. Love,


Thank you for this.

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You’re very welcome, brothers.

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