Hypotheses - A Collection of Predictions Presented in Serial Form

I. An Introduction of Epi(demi)c Proportions

So, it’s almost October, 2021. As we very swiftly approach two years since the public onset of the “new normal” (terminology based in deceptiveness and meant to manipulate the minds of the hearers if I ever saw any) I was giving consideration to what I might be able to try offering that would prove helpful to others here.

Whereas this statement and the post in which it was made are still accurate descriptions of where my thoughts are,

and whereas I find it a difficult task to give a truly full-orbed statement defining all of what I believe regarding the current really weird state of affairs in the world that also explains why and does so in a way that’s relatively concise and also avoids sounding, on the surface, like a nutcase’s manifesto,

and whereas the discussion of what’s actually taking place with present (COVID-inclusive) affairs is a meaningful thing to try to engage in with accuracy for the sake of its relevance to so many realities that do and will continue to affect all of us and our neighbors,

I decided that perhaps offering a series of predictions with some of the reasoning behind them might serve as a helpful way to more fully explain the views I hold to regarding what’s happening. Additionally, making predictions based on a model of understanding and assessing them for accuracy has been a helpful mechanism for clearing up misunderstandings and reaching a more accurate, truthful and hopefully God-honoring assessment of a subject.

I thought I’d start with an item of relevance to recent work and discussion here and regularly add to this post to put together thoughts and/or resources that might be helpful (or at least strangely interesting) to others as the times get weirder. After all, everyone likes to follow an interesting series. :grinning: So here goes…

II. Vaccine Mandates

I’d give this a sub-head like “to infinity and beyond” or “from here to eternity” but I think the people implementing these measures are mostly materialists and say they don’t believe in such things. I also think we’re seeing before our eyes the ways in which modern naturalistic beliefs can bend back into the form of more ancient evils that are also decidedly religious more than merely secular. The people and the systems responsible for what’s driving all this won’t stop until they get their “new world order.” They won’t get it, of course, but they also won’t stop and can do untold damage along the way of trying to take us all there. This isn’t primarily about a virus, in other words.

Therefore, regarding predictions related to mandates and measures having to do with COVID vaccinations, I think that those attempting to implement them will not only not be swayed away from such a path by the arguments, reasoning, and pleas made against them nor by legal action taken by the states or others but will substantially increase the forcefulness by which they attempt to pursue their aims.

I expect increased manipulation rather than increasing clarity from many sources of information in attempts to further the ends of vaccination enforcement as well as the enforcement of an increasing number of measures that would be deemed highly abnormal and unacceptable to the public under anything other than circumstances painted as a crisis. This could include acceleration of attempts to implement vaccine-related passports and the bringing under the umbrella of such passporting systems a wider range of movement of individuals and normal activities and societal participation. I’d expect that this would have emphasis in states already requiring vaccination in heavier-handed ways and spreading in a non-uniform manner with substantial corporate involvement and promotion/development of the underlying technical aspects.

In addition to the continuing demand for employers to require vaccination as a condition of employment, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some attempts to categorize those who are or plan to remain unvaccinated within a framework that would eventually allow for forcible vaccination and/or “medical” detention against their will. This would likely be precipitated by claimed rise in spread and impact/fatality from one or more of Sars-Cov-2 variants as we go into fall/winter. I expect to see such a development whether or not it’s due to forms of naturally occurring COVID or from increasing complications specifically related to the forms of immunity produced by the mRNA vaccines over against that produced by natural immunity. I also expect extreme lack of clarity on that exact type of point from the media and government and the yet-further escalation of censorship of such discussions by tech and corporate interests.

There’s also the reality of the unwillingness of staff within the bureaucratic health care structures and particularly hospitals to utilize meaningful protocols that are not part of the “official” COVID treatment protocols which may not only be resulting in fatalities that could have been prevented but then end up counted as part of the death rates ceaselessly trumpeted from the MSM with zero context (unless you count fear + banality as a context.) As there is further disruption within the ever-more centralized health care industry, there is the possibility of moves to bring in military or other emergency-based administration of hospitals or facilities for treatment, thus magnifying the nature of each of these problems.

The possibility of moves in this type of direction is particularly concerning regarding the minefield of intersecting claims on who makes medical decisions for children within the legal structure of our society. To be clear, I don’t bring up an issue like that to cause anxiety or to stir the pot, so to speak. Attempts by governmental agencies to utilize claims of responsibility for children to coercively or even forcibly vaccinate against the will of parents is just the sort of thing that can be brought up in discussions to try to do both. I actually don’t think either fear or radicalism are necessary. I wish this was more often recognized in the COVID era. I just expect to see the sorts of things mentioned in this post to develop in the not-to-distant future.

Regarding attitudes, I suppose I’m asking for many more to become cool-headed conspiracy theorists. (or conspiracy-realists) With warm-hearted love for neighbor and a passionately consistent refusal to compromise God’s truth or His glory in the process. Perhaps it’s a challenge, maybe one of the developing challenges of our own day. I think that it can be done, or at least, I’m trying to learn the ways how myself. Nobody really wants all this. Or almost nobody. All we need to do is learn how to wisely understand and stop it from happening while not letting the threat itself or the attempted responses be used by the enemy of men’s souls to consume us.

Lord willing, more predictions (I’ll also need to work in relevant links as well) to follow…

Nick, I need help understanding why I should give any weight to your predictions. Do you have age and experience? Do you have good sources and a demonstrated ability to sort the wheat from the chaff?

Coming from a background of “here is what I think, and it’s what I think because that’s just what I think” myself, I may be quick on the trigger here. Show me what I’m missing.