Hymn Listening (And Singing Along To)

Hey, does anyone know of a good collection of hymns to listen and sing to - you know in the car or while you are cooking breakfast or something. So far about the best I have come upon is the albums released from Together for the Gospel such as:


These are pretty good, but the congregational recording makes it a little bit hard to understand the words if you don’t know them already. And since this is partially for the kids who dont know them and partially for those of us who may know the song but not every verse (myself), that makes this miss a little bit. (Still I love! listening to the congregation singing.)

I’m sure there is better out there, but I haven’t succeeded in finding it yet.

This works on most devices:

Most of the songs have online lyrics right there, as well as downloadable guitar and piano music, or links out to other sites where the source material can be found.

Here’s an example of filtering using options on the right side:

Here’s a fixed set which autoplays through:


Barely. Although we’re working on fixing it. :slight_smile:


My family often listens to the Gaithers gospel albums, particularly their greatest hits/best of. There are many hymns on them, not just ones written by the Gaithers. There are a slew of these albums on Amazon music and Spotify. You will run into a few songs that makes me go “meh,” but most of them are good, solid hymns. In addition, the music and lyrics almost always matches what is in most hymnals.


Brother Down has an album of Psalms using the music from the Cantus Christi. They have a bit of a rock vibe, but it’s the same tunes. I think it’s called Old Paths, New Feet.


Peace Like a River, Thy Hymns Project by Chris Rice is good:

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