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It’s crazy how difficult the government as well as the wider culture here in the US have made it to have more than a couple of children.


It’s not enough for other people be selfish and avoid children. They have to punish those who do. The guilt and bitterness of those who have murdered their children explains much of the difficulty of having children today, from the annual visit of CPS apparatchiks to affording a van large enough to allow the family to travel together. Most of the good vans used other places around the world are not allowed in the USA. Nothing by Toyota larger than the Sienna, for instance.


Imagine the outrage if any such measures were implemented here in the US. There would be cries of “white nationalism” and “xenophobia,” (despite that such measures would assuredly apply to all citizens regardless of ethnicity). The functional definition of multi-culturalism is this: every culture is worth preserving except our own.


Several months ago after someone ran a red light and totaled our Odyssey (no one hurt, thank the Lord), we moved up to a Ford Transit (10 passenger, the smallest size). More room for our five children who are getting bigger, and now we can take the grandparents in the same vehicle, too. The other only other option was the Sprinter. I wasn’t aware that Toyota built anything bigger than the Sienna.


The five-on-the-tree tranny is awesome.

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Yep. Things like that are used all over the world as minibuses. You might have twenty people in one. I think I’ve ridden in one with 22. Inside. With the doors closed. And somebody puking.

Really wish we could have gotten one for our family.


Afghans say, “If there’s room in your heart, there’s room in your car.”


Anything that benefits white people even incidentally is condemned by our elites as white supremacism.

This isn’t going to end the way they want it to.


You can import anything over 25 years old. Would you want '91 model?

I want a 1990 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Wagon - it’s two clicks nuttier than my dented up 1993 Buick Roadmaster Wagon:

…if only it weren’t for the right-hand drive…

Some more on this. Part of the reason why this is being done is that a lot of Hungary’s young people have left to live and work elsewhere in the EU - often Austria, if they have learnt German at school, or the UK if they have learnt English. So, with this exodus, the birthrate has fallen. There are all sorts why the young people are leaving, and why many more would like to.

The only hard part about right-hand drive is remembering not to turn on your windshield wipers when you mean to use your turn signal.

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