How to make enemies and be influenced by people

New Warhorn Media post by Joseph Bayly:


I indirectly benefited from Pastor Viars during high school by attending Faith Christian School, the school run by his church in Lafayette. It is a great school which was helpful to me in many ways. I’m saddened to hear this news.

What in the world is happening in Cinci? I assumed it was more conservative, being in the rust belt, guess I was wrong.

The last paragraph was really helpful brother

I’m fond of telling people that the best way to practice being evangelistic is to say the word “Yes” out loud. Then say the word “No.” Nice and loud. Say them with conviction. Say them clearly. Say them unapologetically. Say them without embarrassment. Without fear. Repeat them until you’re comfortable saying such simple words. Now add some simple questions.

Whenever you see two-stepping, foot shuffling – you’ve found unfaithfulness. The Bible is clear about a great many things and the hardest thing to do sometimes is just to stand where it stands, let the cards fall where they may.