How do I get notifications?

How do I get notifications on my phone/computer outside of actually visiting Sanityville? Is that possible?

Unfortunately, the only way currently is via email. @jtbayly may have more information. (And how were you notified of this, Joseph?)

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Actually, you can get notifications…

  • from any desktop browser by allowing the site to send notifications. I’m not that familiar with the details of how this works on each browser, but it has worked well for me on both Safari and Firefox.
  • I understand the same is true on Android devices, but I don’t have one to test it.
  • via email (which will only send if you have not been on the site for at least a few minutes)

Unfortunately push notifications are not possible to iOS browsers, so there’s currently no way to get them on your iPhone. That could change in the future.

I vote for that change.


I do too. So does @ldweeks. So it seems like a sure bet eventually. However, it’s going to take some work and money, and it’s probably going to take us some time to find both of those.