Hospitality and Homosexuality in Genesis 19, Judges 19, and Ezekiel 16

So I just taught on Judges 19 today, and the compare and contrast between Judges 19 and Genesis 19, as well as Hosea 1 and 3, are pretty hard to unsee. I was thinking as I prepared to teach about the oft abused passage in Ezekiel 16 regarding the sin of Sodom being inhospitality. Of course, both generic inhospitality and its ruder cousin of homosexual gang rape are condemned by both of these passages as well as the rest of Scripture but what is the connection between these? Effeminacy. It pops up everywhere. Lots failure to protect his daughters, the Levite’s failure to protect his bride, the Sodomite men who want to sodomize the angels and the men of Gibeah who want to copy them with the Levite, effeminacy and inhospitality are pretty closely intertwined at the root, it seems to me. Am I crazy? I had less battles to wage with myself before seeing effeminacy everywhere!