Honoring the President: what are we teaching our children

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


Or for a few days… :expressionless:

That’s a great point about authorit(ies) in Romans 9.


The first courtesy I think all of us owe to Joseph Biden is to acknowledge that he won fair and square. Although I am sure some chicanery went on and is going on, the lesson from the Enemy of the People media’s Russia obsession remains: elections in the United States are decentralized, local affairs that operate on the principle of subsidiarity. Frankly, they also operate on the doctrine of total depravity. It would be very hard to systematically steal an election in the United States.

Al Gore’s behavior in 2000 was shameful and embarrassing. Richard Nixon’s manly example is the better one.

Who knows, maybe the moderate side of Biden’s addled mind will come out if he show him some grace. Maybe he will go easy on us?

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I’m not sure I follow you here. Shouldn’t he go to the trouble of winning first?


Arizona is in play. Call the victory celebrations off.

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