History of Homosexuality in America

Helping a friend develop teaching on the history of homosexuality in America. Want to help track how we go from George Washington drumming a sodomite out of his camp to gay marriage and Pride Month.

What should my reading list be? Thanks.

This recent and well documented book goes into the how and why Queer has been pushed on the nation by the powers that be. Its focus is transgenderism but goes into how the gay pride movement was a precursor to what’s happening today.

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Not finding my copy of Grace of Shame. Think it’s probably lent out.

If there is a “Must Read” section, could someone attach a picture of that list?

I think you’ll find that a “gay culture” has always been there, merely well-hidden.

The worst sins always hide in plain sight before emerging into the limelight. Example: the Catholics having a celibate clergy. It has meant that any man who was homosexually inclined, could hide it by saying that he had a vocation for the ministry. Needless to say, once he was in the ministry …

Thought I’d put up here part of what I just emailed David:

…Anyway, if you look in the Grace of Shame’s bibliography, I’d recommend you start with Eva Cantarella, Bisexuality in the Ancient World; then Randy Shilts, And the Band Played On; then these two articles not included in Grace of Shame’s biblio, “The Castro-I” and “The Castro-II” from the July 21 and July 28 issues of The New Yorker (first article attached as PDF below, second article behind pay wall); then “Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and Social Sciences” published in The New Atlantis (also attached as PDF below).

I know this is no consolidated history of the homosexualist movement, but combined with Grace of Shame and this piece I just republished on Warhorn, these documents will provide a place to stand in trying to think Christianly about our present condition both inside and outside the Church.