Historic pastoral exemplars

(Christopher Preston) #1

What historical (not living) pastors have been most encouraging or inspiring to you as examples of faithfulness either as a shepherd in general, or a preacher of the Word particularly?

(Valerie) #2

Halloway Fish! Whom I’m sure no one here has ever heard of, but that’s part of what I like about him – just a quiet, faithful minister in a little New England town. I wrote about him here.

(Joseph Bayly) #3

Also, he has a cool name. :joy:

(Valerie) #4

Indeed he does. I’m probably the only person living who can’t wait to meet him in Heaven. :grin:

(Christopher Preston) #5

I have not heard of him, thanks!

(Valerie) #6

I confess…I picture him looking like this:


(Paul Ojanen) #7

Richard Baxter was known as a good preacher but placed a much stronger emphasis on in-home shepherding in The Reformed Pastor.


(Tim Bayly) #8

Apostle Paul, Augustine, Benedict, Gregory, Bernard, Bucer, Calvin, Baxter, Lloyd-Jones

(Josiah) #9

Thanks for that link. What a refreshing look at an old saint. Great perspective in the midst of our labors.

(Valerie) #10

I’m the world’s foremost Halloway Fish evangelist. :wink:

(Matthew Hoover) #11

JC Ryle

Twenty characters

(Jamie Dickson) #12

I’ll throw out another man none of you will have heard of - Rev. Tom Swanston. He was my Grandparents’ and my Mother’s pastor. I’m currently reading through a collection of his congregational letters. I think they’re excellent because they weren’t written to be published to the world, but to encourage and rebuke people he knew and loved. Highly recommend!

(Brandon Myers) #13

Others no doubt but these are the few that came to mind:

John Chrysostom: https://www.christianitytoday.com/history/people/pastorsandpreachers/john-chrysostom.html

Ryle, helpful thoughts on the gospels I nearly always consult when preaching and teaching from them.

Clarence Macartney. Admittedly I have only read a sliver of his writings and sermons but his “Shall Unbelief Win? An Answer to Dr. Fosdick” was excellent. Here is a great quote of his from 1930 at Westminster’s first commencement: “A deleted Bible has resulted in a diluted Gospel. Protestantism, as it loses its faith in the Bible, is losing its religion… Men who desire such dilutions can drink de-caffeined coffee and smoke de-nicotined tobacco; and now we have on every hand, without money and without price, de-christianized Christianity.”

David Dickson, the elder’s work is a good book we use with our interns and residents on pastoral care

Lloyd Jones: https://www.mljtrust.org/sermons/

Spurgeon for his courage, compassion (a very pastoral/biblically faithful/truth-filled message here I often direct to congregants: https://archive.spurgeon.org/sermons/1892.php) and enemies: interesting read here: https://www.spurgeon.org/resource-library/blog-entries/the-reason-why-america-burned-spurgeons-sermons-and-sought-to-kill-him;

Broadus: http://www.reformedreader.org/rbb/broadus/biography.htm

(Jesse Tiersma) #14

Although I’m not a preacher, I would answer Abraham Kuyper, whose fantastic Lectures on Calvinism I recently reread, and who is always greatly helpful and relevant.

(Jason Andersen) #15

When I first read this, I thought you were just stating an interjection. Had to do a double take to see that was the actual name. :smiley: