Helpful Books for Titus 2 Women to Help Disciple Younger Women?

A mother in Israel at our church is looking for book recommendations to help older women disciple younger women, do you guys know of any? Thanks!!!

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Ha. We were just talking about this on the podcast: Older Women Should Teach Younger Women - Warhorn Media

Does anyone have any good ideas here?

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Yes! I appreciated that episode.

Sorry, I don’t.

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I’m unclear by your question whether you are looking for a book to teach older women how to disciple or a book to use while discipling. But in any case, here are some that have been helpful for my wife personally and that she has used in helping others.

Women Counseling Women

Disciplines of a Godly Woman

The Excellent Wife

Feminine Appeal


Thank you for those!!!

Sorry, let me clarify by posting her message verbatim:

Can anyone recommend a book that addresses older women discipling younger women? There are several titles out there and I wondering if you have one you prefer.

Thanks again!