Help needed: Commentaries that use the KJV?

A friend is seeking Bible commentaries that use the KJV as the main text. It seems that it is actually hard to find one recently published or that is still in print that does not use the NIV or some other modern version. The only one I have found is “The Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible.”

Could anyone recommend any other commentary (multi-volume OR one-volume) that uses the KJV? Thanks.

Doesn’t Matthew Henry use the KJV?

Recent commentaries often can’t be trusted anyway, ones that use the KJV potentially more-so, I suspect. But my point: Why not just go with older ones? I suspect it will be a more fruitful endeavor all around…


I think she would like something just a little more modern than Matthew Henry, but she is certainly amenable to the older commentaries. I am beginning to think the older commentaries (19th century and older) are going to be the only real choice anyway.

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Yes, as does Matthew Poole.

Warren Wiersbe’s commentaries also use the KJV, and are more modern than Poole or Henry. Although, I certainly have some disagreements with it (he leans dispensational in some areas, especially eschatology) , it is a commentary one can use with profit if you are also willing to use some discernment in certain areas.


Thank you for that suggestion. Wiersbe might indeed be OK, and I did not know he used the KJV. I will pass this idea along to her!

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