Heidelberg Catechism book?

I’ve gone through the Westminster Shorter Catechism with my daughters using the G. I. Williamson book, but my second daughter would like to go through the Heidelberg Catechism. Can anyone suggest a good book for that?


Dear Joel, Here are some good sources: Commentaries on the Heidelberg Catechism | Reformed Books Online Love,


With “Commentaries” in the title, I wouldn’t have expected this little free gem of a family devotional guide in the list.

Also, I didn’t realize GI Williamson had done one on the Heidelberg, too.


Depending on the age, desired length, and the studiousness of your child, I have three suggestions.


This is a good intro, and something that will give some additional thoughts and applications. It’s about two and a half pages per “Lord’s Day” section.

This is Ursinas’s commentary on the Heidelberg, and is very useful (as well as free), although I don’t think it’s necessarily the authoritative interpretation on the catechism. Also, it’s going to be a significantly amount of larger time and effort.


Although I think several of he devotions in it are weak, overall this is a pretty good daily devotional using the Heidelberg Catechism that I’ve gone through in the past. It works well with the already devotional nature of the catechism.