He descended into Hell: Jesus and the Woke

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


Happy Easter all!


And the woke are now eating themselves!

Obama the Oppressor | The Stream

There is nothing new under the sun. While it’s always fun to watch the lefties eat one another, it’s a sign of strength among lefties, not weakness. Stalin purged Trotsky.


Though I wish this were the case…the reality is that even while he was in office he was referred to as “the Deporter in Chief” by many. But that didn’t mean NPR, CNN, and the like didn’t sing his immigrant praises.

The real leftists have never been friendly to outsiders and so this is not “the woke” calling out Obama, it is the small minority of pro-free border folks. The elite leftists do not want open borders. Obama was no friend to immigrants despite the fame of his DACA policy.

Though many hated Trump and his rhetoric, the reality is that it created a more stable border environment which resulted in fewer deportations and fewer crossings during his tenure.

The left has never been friendly to the immigrant precisely because of their ideology.