Haste makes waste

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

Ouch. This episode.

I really can’t disagree as much as I want to.

This article, and this kind of article, just makes me wonder why. Why would you want to write this and have your name on it and saved online for posterity. Maybe not forever but for a long, long time. Just to write something for TGC? Why do we think TGC is a good thing that we should try to write for? Or the Bee? Or whatever. Its all a sideshow to the real work and war and life and the church.

Matt Haste is better than this in real life. And I know you guys aren’t trying to pick on him personally (I’m not saying that) but I still just want to say that he’s a great guy. We’ve never been close but had several good conversations. He baptized my brother. My wife and his wife go way back - she was in Matt and Cheyenne’s wedding. We made a point of seeing them last summer when we were in Louisville (though Matt couldn’t make it). Their kids are great. The family loves the Lord. I was saddened when he took a job at Southern, but I still think highly of him.

Its just evangelical culture. The culture that thinks pastors should quite shepherding go teach at seminaries and be lobbyists in Washington is the culture that thinks vapid TGC articles are “good” in some way. I just don’t know what do say. I think highly of Matt and ask you not to judge him based on this article.


I hope we were fair in our criticisms. We did say several times that we knew Matt would be better than this is real life, if challenged on any of the individual points. There is just something about the anemic TGC culture that draws people into this sort of thing.


I agree completely.

And I think you were fair. You specifically said that he’s better than this in real life. (Which I attest to as being true.)

On a side note, and I wasn’t gonna mention this, but… true coincidental story. Last Friday I was driving all day and found myself humming “Long December” and I specifically thought, this sounds like the thing some poor sap would write about on TGC to describe 2020 and how the sad longing points to Jesus. Crazy. (I thought about putting on Counting Crows in the car but I didn’t want to subject my family to that. As my brother says, “When it comes to the Counting Crows: there’s August, and then there’s Everything After.”)


That side note is … almost scary. Maybe you have a side hustle in you as a psychic.

Jake mentioned that the 90’s are cool now, and people are wearing flannel and baggy jeans again. It startled me. I’m pretty clueless as to what’s going on in culture and fashion …

… and I started wearing flannel shirts in the 90’s. And never realized that I was supposed to stop. And I’m cool again?

Playing the fashion long game. #winning


You were always cool. Now the losers are catching up.