Happy Father's Day to all

I’m not sure if Father’s Day is a Christian Holiday or not. I think maybe it is. I wish of you (fellas) a happy one!

One of my favorite books is That Hideous Strength. Perhaps some of you have read it. In it Lewis often refers to a character as “Mother Dimble” despite her have no actual biological or legally adopted children. Maybe this is just his Platonism shining through, but I affirm this description. There are mothers of many kinds just as their are fathers of many kinds. I was helped to see this by Thomas Watson in his book on the Ten Commandments. He (as a Puritan, of couse) lists several types of fathers including family, church and civil. (I think he has at least one more, maybe 3 or 4, I cannot now remember.)

In my life I’ve been blessed by God with an earthly father that I would not trade with anyone. He’s a man of God. One of my guiding principles regarding leaders/pastors/friends even is, would my father “like” this man? If the answer is no, that’s a red flag. Its just a feeling. But its one I wish had heeded more in my life. He has served the people of Nicaragua for many years in leading and helping them get medical care, helping them establish and build churches and helping them in their training as well as financial needs. There are pastors all over that country that know him as a man of God and a lover of Christ’s church. That is quite a legacy. My dad is just a small-time dairy farmer, now retired. He is not a great man by the world’s standards but he is a great man.

God has blessed me - through my dad - to have traveled and served in Nicaragua alongside him. I have met a lot of people there and been touched by a lot of stories. One thing that began to stand out to me in Nicaragua, and does so even more today in Oklahoma, is how destructive men are. Men who are bad fathers, who do not seek the Lord, who use others to serve only themselves, are the most destructive pieces of our society. I am not trying to let women off the hook here. But I have seen countless women and children who’s lives are a wreck owing to the selfishness and strength of the fathers in their lives.

As I’ve seen this I’ve also seen the value of good fathers. Or at least fathers who seek to serve the Lord first and to serve His church in doing so. Insomuch as they do that, they reflect God’s Fatherhood. He’s the real father. We human fathers are all evil (Mt 7:11), but we can still, by the power of the Holy Ghost, do well and love others. When we do that we can tell the truth about God the Father with our lives.

I’m rambling now. I meant only to say Happy Father’s Day and to try to stir some others up to be good fathers, to sacrifice yourselves, to lead your homes and churches and communities in a fight against the real bad thing - sin.

I have learned much from some of the fathers here in Sanityville and I thank you for that. Keep up the good work and don’t be discouraged.

I’m pulling for you, and we’re all in this together. (Now I need to go discipline my son :grinning:)