Hamlet, Part 1

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

No Fear Shakespeare - I’ve never read that version. That passage y’all read was…terrible?

Question - Does the No Fear also have the “real” play in it? Side by side? Or just that paraphrase? I’ve thought about reading it.

I like the Barnes & Noble Shakespeare though. It has simple definitions to on the same page, extended explanations in the opposing page and several essays (some of which will be interesting helpful but certainly not all, IMO).

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Barnes and Nobles is my go to. No Fear does have the real play side by side, but I still don’t like it. Puzzling out the real one and soaking in the poetry is part of the fun. I guess you could just have the self control to only ever refer to the fake one when you’re stuck. But I’m not like that and I doubt many kids or regular adult type people I’d ever want to introduce to Shakespeare would be like that (not that I’m always throwing Shakespeare in front of random people).

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