Great New Album of Psalms in the NKJV Set to Music

Dr. David R. Erb from Christ Church in Moscow, ID, has produced an excellent album called Cantica Sanctorum with 50 of the Psalms, sung verbatim from the NJKV (Psalm 14, 23, and 53 are out of the KJV) so you’re memorizing while singing!

They’ve released recordings for a number of these songs before, I’ve been singing them for quite a while and they’ve really blessed me. However, now the full set has now been recorded quite beautifully with instruments and a choir, and it just came out today, check it out!




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This is exactly the sort of news I needed to hear after today in jail… more psalms set to music!


Thanks for sharing! This one’s definitely staying in my iTunes library.


So many favorites among these, but my favoritest is probably 134, which we sometimes sing as a closing doxology. And my favorite line of David’s music is the first half of Psalm 13:6. He just captures that moment of transition perfectly.


But no psalm 22 :’(. But they do have the psalms of ascent! I loved Jamie soles album of those

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He’s pretty much stuck with the shorter Psalms, and 22 is just a skosh too long. His wife once told me that she was lobbying for 119, though. :wink:

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I’d love for somebody to do an album of the most quoted psalms in the NT, say. But that would include a lot of the longer psalms.

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An Erb 119 would be AMAZING. Here’s to hoping!

And while we wait, I’ve found a good verbatim Psalm 119 from the KJV composed and arranged by Frederick Steinruck, Michael Misiaszek, and Michael E. Owens. I’ve been memorizing it slowly over the last few months. I’ve added words and uploaded it to YouTube:

Original link where they were posted this for free, along with some other verbatim Psalms by them.

I updated the ID3 tags on the mp3s, and added the words as lyrics in iTunes, you can download those here:

Psalm 119

More psalms done verbatim by the same folks


Thanks. This group is easier to follow along with. I can tell what their saying.

The Cantica Santorum reminds me of Handel’s Messiah, for which I’ve heard many recommendations. I can’t tell what their saying much of the time. I don’t doubt familiarity makes it better.

I still prefer carefully restructured songs, more singable and still faithful.

But I agree these chant-like songs would be helpful for memorization.


I don’t know the first two gents, but Michael Owens has done TONS to get more musical settings out into the world. Here’s his website: He and I collaborated on this one (he chose and arranged the tune, and I did the text):


Yep! Neat! Here’s another setting, this one his brother did of Psalm 109 that’s really good.

He and I have been in communication as well, he’s type-setting the Cantus 2! He also sent me all of the music he’s done. Also, his stuff is free over on wordmp3.

I listened to my recording of Michael E. Owens singing it, great work! I’ve uploaded it to YouTube (as unlisted) here it is for those of us like me that can’t read music!

Thanks! I thought I had the recording, but I could only find a midi of the tune (and a full recording of a hymn we did). I guess I never heard this one, 'cuz I think I’d remember wondering why he stopped before the last verse…

Working on the Cantus was how I got to know Michael. I did an initial copyedit of the first one, which ended up delayed after we ran into some…issues…with some silly people. :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, he never sings all the verses when he makes those recordings. I think it’s because of the large number that he records, he just gives enough to give a feel for the song.

Oh, neat! Haha, shoot, I imagine licensing issues or something?

That’s fair! They’re easier to sing along to when you have the part of the Bible open that they’re singing, I embed the text of the Bible as “lyrics” in iTunes for the particular song, and then I can view the lyrics while singing with them on my phone.

I also have recordings where just Dr. David Erb is singing them, and it’s much easier to hear the words, these are free and available online, but I’ve put them all together in a zip file for convenience, download here.

Let me know if you have any questions, brother!

You just might imagine correctly. :wink:

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Ugh, haha, that’s no fun.