Grace of Shame reviewed in Evangelical Times (UK)

(Henry Milewski) #1

Will be of interest to folks here:

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(Joseph Bayly) #2

Thanks! Looking forward to reading it.

(Christopher Thomas Miller) #3

It should be read by all who are engaged in preaching or public evangelism. It has its faults, sometimes overstating the case, or becoming unnecessarily polemical and sarcastic. But those faults should not prevent it from spurring us to truly love homosexuals by ‘holding fast the faithful word’ (Titus 1:9) in this area.

This is an example of reasonable tonal criticism we would do well to learn from.* Too often, Christians use disagreement about “tone” as an all-purpose I-can-ignore-everything-you-say-now spray. This guy by contrast, knows how to disagree about tone, but then appropriately relegate it to the secondary matter it is, focusing mainly on the more important matters.

*Nota bene: I do not agree with the criticism, nor does he really explain it (which is understandable since this is a relatively superficial drive-by review).

(Tim Bayly) #4

Agreed. BTW, the bit about his not agreeing with our “description of ideal masculinity” is humorous since the book has nothing at all describing “ideal masculinity.” I suspect what he thought but didn’t want to write is that he didn’t like our descriptions of effeminacy. But that’s quite diff from saying we presented “descriptions of ideal masculinity.” The closest we come to that is quoting Scripture about John the Baptist and Jesus, but one has a hard time imagining that’s what he found objectionable.

Still, good review; and brave, given the overwhelming influence of the LivingOUT guys in the UK. Thankful for this brother.

(David Burchard) #5

I’d begun to think it wouldn’t be published. Glad to see they stuck to their word. May God use the review to interest more pastors in the UK to read it.

(Tim Bayly) #6

Thanks so much, dear brother. Yes, we do hope many will read it. May God use it and you and us for His Own glory. Love,