Governmental usurpation of fathers and mothers' authority

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Here is the text of an email I just sent to members of our congregation. It was written in response to a foraging into the privacy of one our homes carried out by a government employee who had no reason for asking such intrusive questions. She wasn’t from child protective services. There had been no…


It seems like all spheres try to intrude upon the others, though some of that I would certainly write off to lack of knowledge, not so much personal kingdom-building intent. The Church tries to do what the family is responsible for, all spheres try to take over what the individual is responsible for, etc. We must constantly push back or the usurptation will happen, just like it’s already happened in spades here in America. I suppose it all starts in the home, because it’s easier for the Father to let the church teach and run activities for his children than for him and his wife to take the responsibility. We all have to fight the lazy human spirit.