Genderless voices

(Henry Milewski) #1

Always interesting to watch how feminists have zero difficulty discerning the most subtle whispers of patriarchy.

(Jesse Tiersma) #2

Right. Because everyone would use Alexa if it replied as if annoyed, and ignored you if you didn’t ask nicely enough, and never forgot to say please. A best seller.

(Nathan Smith) #3

Should we even be talking to these inanimate machines? That’s been my problem with it all along. It seems to dehumanize communication, speech, interaction…people.

(Zak Carter) #4

Bnonn had a tweet this morning pointing out that if Alexa had a male voice, that would be seen as reinforcing stereotypes of men as custodians of knowledge and gatekeepers to the world outside the home. These types of arguments are always ad hoc and non-falsifiable.

(Zak Carter) #5

“Feminist Alexa” would be a great comedy skit, by the way.

(Henry Milewski) #6

I think feminists are better at hitting their target than we give them credit for. Luke 16:8: “for the sons of this age are more shrewd in relation to their own generation than the sons of light.”

(Bnonn Tennant) #7

Haha, except I didn’t say it nearly so well.

(John M. ) #8

Owning the Narrative means never having to say you’re sorry.

(Henry Milewski) #9

I’d say owning the narrative is only part of the target, not all of it. The problematic qualities they draw attention to are undoubtedly anti-feminist, are they not?

This is not necessarily to contradict Bnonn’s point about in an alternative timeline they say the use of males voices reinforces the patriarchy by presenting them a gatekeepers to knowledge and the outside world etc. Perhaps Alexa is a toxic mix they are trying to purify.