Gay Cartoon Characters

I ran across this.

Supposedly an exhaustive list of “gay” cartoon characters. (I use “gay” as shorthand for LGBTQ+ because I hate acronyms.) Some of these characters are pretty minor and some of these cartoons I’ve seen and had no idea the character was gay. Still, it might be a pretty good guide. I was able to scroll through and see what shows were listed that my kids have watched and see which characters and how major they are.

I would say, though, looking at our society - Going forward, probably anything made past 2020 is going to be highly suspect unless specifically Christian.


Thanks for posting this.

I owe Jerry Falwell a big apology for laughing at him about the whole “Tinky Winky is gay” thing. He was right and I was wrong.

These people are very interested in our children.


I looked up one show I was interested in. No gay characters. I did see that Clifford the Big Red Dog had gay characters.

I’m not sure my children would be propagandized by out gay characters too much. I think the subtle effeminacy promoted by modern kids’ shows is a far greater danger. The danger is there for me as well, with the shows I watch.

A show can teach effeminacy while having no gay characters, or without even discussing homosexuality or Pride at all.


There should be a gay character or two in Christian shows, too. Teaching shame.


Your comment is causing to me to think about the old Looney Toons I watch with my kids sometimes. They’re free on YouTube. These cartoons are from the World War II era. I’m thinking about their depictions of masculinity and femininity, and if they ever shamed gayness. I want to say they did, but no specific example is coming to mind.

Interesting how heavily involved Jews were at making all those old cartoons.


Have you been reading E. Michael Jones again? :wink:


Haha. Well…

While it’s obvious that cartoons are increasingly promoting gay characters it’s also important to note the high number of “unknown” characters the article could not identify. It stood out to me because the article explicitly mentions that multiple characters were “confirmed” as being gay years after shows actually aired.

What’s noteworthy is that the sodomites are very good at historical revisionism. Anyone who reads their literature will notice their homoeroticizing of past events, persons, politics, and culture when nothing in the past even hints at homosexuality surrounding those subjects. They “out” men and women in the past of being LGBTQ or use culture and arts as examples of historical gay expression. The queer theorists believe if they can normalize homosexuality in history they can normalize it in the present and future. They desire for people to see homosexuality everywhere, even in something as innocent as old cartoon characters. If civilized society was built by invisible gays and lesbians then why do we have the right to exclude them publicly now?

Revoicers and gay celibate ‘christians’ practice these deceitful tricks too when they try to normalize homosexuality and effeminacy in the church. Whether that’s perverting the godly loving friendship of Jonathan and David or slandering never married church fathers they desire for godly heroes and saints to be as perverse as they are. The thief thinks everyone steals and so the gays want everyone to be outed from a closet that doesn’t exist.


I think you’ve hit it on the nose here.

I haven’t even looked at the list, but I was certain I’d see some that were revisionism at work.

But your explanation of why that matters so much is very helpful, so thank you!


I’d push this back to 2016 at least.

It’s so transparent.

My default answer is now “No.” If it’s something that also interests me as something to watch with them, I’ll watch it beforehand. So far, my answer has remained “no.”

Back to the Batman and Superman cartoons of the 90s.


I just heard a rant about cartoons having a renaissance that was cut off in the mid 2010s when a Cartoon Network bigwig (who I believe was gay himself) got canned for mildly defending a cartoonist who was me-tooed. And now there’s a heavy-handed agenda.

This is why I never liked the Despicable Me movies. Those yellow things creeped me out.

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90s? You some kind of liberal? :laughing:

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Thank you for posting this. I learned that a cartoon series that my children were watching on Netflix features a homosexual main character. I think they hadn’t advanced far enough in the series for it to become obvious, but I still couldn’t escape the feeling that by allowing my children access to the “Kids” section of Netflix, I was inviting them to play with serpents.

I canceled Netflix. I cannot stop the giving over of my country and my culture to degrading passions, but I can stop paying cash money to import it into my home.

I’m hoping that this sparks good discussions with my older ones about living holy, separated from this wicked generation. I think where I’m settling is to make sure that my children understand that the people outside their bubble of family, church and homeschool are not their people in any meaningful sense: they don’t have our values or our culture and they are not interested in my children’s best interests.


“So many Jews are in show biz
Tom Cruise isn’t, but I heard his agent is.”
-Adam Sandler


I’ve noticed some anti-Jew sentiment online recently and it’s been bothering me. Never thought I’d see it here.

I’m actually trying to understand the Jew connection and why that’s relevant.

E Michael Jones is an anti-Semite, plain and simple, which is a problem worth warning against. Hence my comment to Ben. However, Jones is also correct in most of what he writes about, and that includes the terrible impact many Jews have had on this country, particularly in their promotion of godlessness in entertainment.


It seems to me that everything within the medium of cartoons has a queerness about them. It may not always be queerness as it relates specifically to sex, but certainly queer as it relates virtually everything, which is why it is so naturally co-opted by the queer community. Mutant has been for a long time the Marvel equivalent of queer, and the LGBT love it.