From a longtime women's basketball coach

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


I have heard the same about women in the military. Men have been donating their bodies to the military for generations, but it’s only recently that we’ve been asking our women to do it also, and we are racking up quite a butcher’s bill among the hard-chargers from what I am hearing.

Thank you for publishing this and thank you to the woman who wrote it. There is a theology of sport, and a theology of sex in sport, and almost no one is talking about it. It is kind of painful to watch conservatives panic to conserve Title IX from men in dresses, when a theology of sex in sport is what should have been conserved rather than Title IX.


Anti Title IX gang rise up


This recently, from the Gospel Coalition (bear with me). Of relevance?

Choosing God over College Basketball (

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This letter is great. Thanks, women’s basketball couch! :heart::heart::heart:


A long time ago when I was working on my Ph.D. at a Pac-10 university, I was walking into campus one day and saw a car with a flat tire along the side of the road. Two young women were in it with no idea what to do, so I instructed them on the procedure for changing a tire from start to finish while doing it for them. They mentioned they were on their way to basketball practice, and I remember feeling surprised that these women who were pursuing a more masculine sport hadn’t also pursued more masculine skills like how to change a tire. At any rate, it didn’t take me long to put on the spare, and they were quickly on their way.

I must have told them my name, because a little later in campus mail I received a letter of thanks from their lady coach along with free tickets to a basketball game. Although I’m not really a sports person, I decided to give it a try. I remember being surprised at how sparse the attendance was.


I don’t know if even free tickets could induce me to attend a women’s basketball game.

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Free tickets plus ignorance plus curiosity would do the trick. At least for me. But at this point, ignorance is gone. So yeah, not happening.


I don’t think I stayed longer than fifteen minutes.

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