Founders Cinedoc Released

The Founders Ministries Cinedoc dropped yesterday. I watched it already and thought they did an excellent job laying out the issues.

On this page you’ll see links to their next project, a 15-part docuseries called “Wield the Sword” which I’m certainly looking forward to.


Thanks for posting. I look forward to checking this out.

It was good. A lot less ‘hot’ than the bruhaha after the trailer made it seem.

The best part was showing secular CRT/I advocates/pushers tell us what CRT/I is, and then showing the SBC folks saying virtually the exact same thing. All of their denying of its influence and argument that it’s merely a tool at the SBC Convention ring hollow in comparison.

I’ve been sort of following all of this in real time so there wasn’t anything quite new to me. However, the most eye opening part to me was how the SBC leadership tried to rush the Resolution through. I had heard it was a rush job but I didn’t realize how they tried to do it. Watching it play out revealed how nefarious it was. You could see the look in the eyes of the men on stage, and hear it in their voice. They knew what they were doing. On some level I was giving a lot of these guys the benefit of the doubt. After watching that, I don’t think I can any longer.

Greear, for his part, if not completely complicit, is a tool of the highest degree. I’m simultaneously saddened by the infiltration of the SBC and thankful I’m no longer associated with it.


Yes, I think that’s one of the best things this documentary does. The other big thing is showing the organic connection between egalitarianism, MeToo/ChurchToo, Critical Race Theory, and homosexualism. These are not three separate issues, but three prongs of the same pitchfork.


I was very appreciative of the film as well, though I was sad that we didn’t get to see where they were going with the footage that was pulled following the protests. I’m sure it wouldn’t have changed the narrative but I believe would have more strongly disproved the objections. Would loved to have seen Rachel Denhollander part unpacked.


I heard the original cut of the film was almost 4 hours long, so it’s possible that it was removed for time but will appear in a future project.

My thoughts exactly. It was not nearly as stinging as I had anticipated.

I must say, during the course of the film when Jarvis Williams passionately pontificated like a racist, and not only got away with such putrid filth but passed it off as Christian, I wasn’t particularly happy. And I might have raised my voice at the TV.

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Halfway through, had to take a break, just saw this hilarious clip before finishing the rest.

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These are not three separate issues, but three prongs of the same pitchfork.

Yes the church is getting it from all sides. Documentaries like this help to expose them. More from founders please and may the SBC reject all prongs of this deadly fork.


I haven’t seen much reaction to this. Nowhere near as many waves as the trailer made.

I assume the trailer gave reason enough to tarnish Founders in the eyes of all the Respectable People so now they must act like it never dropped. “Founders who? Oh that racist group of fundies on the fringe of the SBC? Never heard of them. By the way, how has that pronoun project been going in your church?”


Yes, the only reaction I’ve seen has been positive–and none of that coming from those who were critical of the trailer. The trailer (or more accurately the manufactured outrage over the trailer) served to polarize the landscape into Founders Supporters and Founders Disavow-ers. If anyone in the latter group has viewed the doc and found it worthwhile, they are certainly keeping quiet about it.

I have seen one Respectable Person pedantically nit-picking a statement made in the Doc, but without acknowledging the speaker, the context, or even that it was in the Doc. Perhaps it was just coincidence and this Respectable Person was actually referring to something else entirely. But I doubt it.