Firearm for women

Well good, because I was about to call you out at high noon with my .45 hog leg.

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Women raised in Wheaton during the nineties don’t need any gun. A soul that fears God, gifted with a mind that is exceedingly perceptive and absolutely despises PC cowards, enabled by a mouth that takes delight in torching hypocrisy, renders a gun or knife extraneous. Love,


You wrote:

It depends. Who is the woman I am talking with? Is she single and living under her father’s roof? Is she single and off living on her own. If so, why is she living on her own? Is she estranged from her parents because of sin? Are there worldview tenants that she clings to concerning the inherent goodness of being single and living on one’s own? What lies is she believing that need to be addressed concerning God’s design for her life? Let’s talk about those things first with a single woman before we concern ourselves with talking about guns and self defense.

My question was to do with single women and self-defence. What you are raising, it seems, is a wider question as to the situation of single women in our churches, and whether they do need to be living in their father’s home. I think that is an issue for a quite separate thread.

The questions can’t really be separated. The first and primary means that God has provided for the defense of women is men, therefore any discussion about the defense of a single women must begin with why there is no man in her life.


What is there to be ashamed about in a dad changing a diaper?

and @jander, the issue of firearm recommendations for women and the theological and philosophical questions around self-protection, authority, sex and marriage most definitely can be separated. If your response to “what kind of firearm should I suggest to this single woman in my church” amounts to “she should move back in with her father…” you haven’t been very helpful.


Again, depending on the person we’re speaking to, it could very well be the most helpful thing to say.

You’re welcome to disagree.


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No shame in changing a diaper. But these guys that carry the loaded over-prepped bag around drive me nuts. It’s even worse if they have some kind of strapped-on version. Sometimes I want to tap new fathers on the shoulder and let them know they won’t be carrying this much around a couple babies later, so they might as well start traveling light now.

You can fit a clean diaper in your pocket on whichever side you’re not packin’ heat.

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