"Featured Link is Invalid"

Tried to create a topic but I kept getting an error message saying “featured link is invalid” - any clues on how to avoid this? Thanks in advance!

Is there an actual link involved? If so, can you try to post it here?

A “featured link” is when you put the link as the topic title. I was able to use this link as a featured link in a test without any trouble.

If you put a link in the title, it should be the only thing you put in the title. It will automatically get replaced with the article’s title and the link will get inserted into the body of your post. Then the link will be displayed without having to click into the topic from the main list of topics.

Since I’m unable to reproduce the problem right now, my suggestion would be to try creating your topic again, but just put the link in the body of your post, rather than making it a featured link by putting it in the title.

If you still run into problems, let me know, and I’ll post the topic for you and work with you privately to try to track down the bug.

It worked when it wasn’t the title. Thanks!

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