Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the "future is private"

(Lucas Weeks) #1

This is a pretty big deal for Facebook. They’ve had a couple really terrible years, and their brand reputation is in the dumps. But it seems like they really are taking the need for change seriously, and I think they will likely fix many of the criticisms that @jtbayly and I wrote about a few months back.

(Joseph Bayly) #2

The cynic in me says this is simply following the money. People are spending a lot of time in FB groups. He only increases time spent on FB, and therefore money flowing to FB, by pivoting to groups.

(John M. ) #3

I think it’s pretty clear that Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want good things for us or anyone like us.

(Lucas Weeks) #4

This is pretty funny:

(Lucas Weeks) #5

For a little context, Joseph and I just read this article:

You said it was helpful, Joseph. What stuck out to you?

I thought it was very interesting, and it does put a human face on the behemoth. I don’t know that it changed my thinking n FB in any way, though, except for one thing: I’m more suspicious now about claims that conservatives are getting targeted for censorship. Does anyone have good evidence for those claims?