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(Ben Sulser) #1

New Warhorn Media post by Ben Sulser:

(Jamie Dickson) #2

Enjoyed this! How do you decide what kind of “devil” you’re going to have? Could have had a very interesting conversation with a catholic, a liberal christian, a pentecostal, a muslim, etc. etc. on the same topic!

(Nathan ) #3

We try to go with the one that we feel most personally oppressed by, under the theory that’s the one that our listeners will feel oppressed by too.

(Nathan Smith) #4

It just hit me…

Denim IS cotton. The toga is still kosher!

(Valerie) #5

Denim is also Reformed. Comes from de Nîmes, and many of the weavers who originally made it were Huguenots. They took the industry with them when they fled persecution. Who knows…maybe Calvin wore Calvin Kleins! :joy: