End Abortion Now

My wife and I just returned from ReformCon 2019 (and loved it!). The last day was devoted to a ministry called End Abortion Now. One of our Deacon nominees has been very influenced by their work. We screened their movie, Babies Are Murdered Here, a few years back. It was very hard to take.

They’re coming out with a sequel to that film tomorrow. I believe it’s at 0800 Arizona Time (basically west coast time… for now). They requested help pushing out the film by sharing it via social media. I believe it will be at this website (though that may just keep the old film there). They have noticed very obvious suppression in the Youtube and FB algorithms in the past but think they can “beet the alg” with a big initial burst of sharing.

I thought that this would be of interest to Sanityvillers.


I doubt it, but may God grant good fruit from their labor.

Same group that exposed Phoenix PD for their inaction toward the abortion doctor that pulled a gun in them. They’ll get the traction.

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But… I never heard about that. I’m glad for the traction that they have. I just doubt that FB and the others will let them get far on their platforms.

They got so much traction that within four hours of the Exposé the police acted and arrested the doctor, his medical license was also suspended.


Here’s the YouTube link to the BAMH2 premier.


It’s on now…

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This movie is excellent. I highly recommend it. It am encouraged to be about my Father’s work after watching it and revived in my commitment to be a pastor who leads his church in the fight.


Update: as of this morning it looks like about 78k views on Facebook and only 13k views on YouTube. My own YouTube feed didn’t really seem to acknowledge it at all even though I had turned on the alert feature.


The doctor’s house is enormous (plus it’s in PHX).

The YouTube number actually means something though. FB counts it as a “view” if you scroll past the video and it auto plays with the sound off, as long as three seconds of video is displayed.

Three seconds. Let that sink in. Auto-played. With the sound off.

In our experience, the vast majority of views on FB cannot be called views in any way shape or form. A more honest word would be impressions. But even then, you’ve got a proportion, sometimes quite high, of duplicate impressions to the same people.

On this note, does anyone know if there’s a threshold for when the view “counts” on YouTube? If I’m being frank, I’m never going to watch something more than a few minutes long on YouTube - not for lack of attention span, but rather because I can’t get my head around watching videos on the internet as ever being equivalent to watching television or a movie.

I want to watch this for the sake of showing support… but if it’s my view metric that does the most good for them (short of sharing, which… I don’t have social media), I want to know if I have to run the entire thing to the last second ticking off? Or if I watch half way plus one second? Or at least a few minutes? Or if I really want to help them do I just log out and then scrub to the end a few dozen times?

At least 30 seconds. (And not autoplayed.)

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Further developments. The documentary is now available on Amazon Prime for free streaming.



Just to be clear, this does require a Prime subscription.

Correct. Sorry for the confusion. Free for those with Amazon Prime Service.

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