Empathy Schmapathy (Biden's bad empathy)

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

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Lately, I’ve felt like spanking is a punishment that doesn’t fit the offense. I tend to reach for the more immediate tool of flicking in the shoulder or back of the head.

What offense(s) are you speaking of? Spanking is certainly a punishment that fits many offenses. But not the only tool in the box, by any means.

Well, the example that comes to mind goes something like this:
“Hey!” Thump! “You. Are. Not. Listening. To. Me.”
It’s when that happens more than once in a relatively short period of time, that I start to wonder if I should have spanked first, or if I’m just grumpy.

My kids are also getting older, so I would expect spankings to become less frequent with the oldest (7).

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Appreciate this episode. I’ve spoken to a lot of friends and coworkers about empathy over the last few years. It is invariably difficult to define/understand. It is invariable held up as better than sympathy. “People with sympathy but not empathy just don’t care about others.” I think empathy or pretend-empathy (pretempathy?) is a major driver of our current cultural moment and that understanding it - as much as is possible - is helpful.

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