Dune, Part 2

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:


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Just finishing up the second part. Thanks a ton for reviewing this, and thanks to Brandon for enduring it! He apparently had to go do some spice.


I’ve read Dune 3 times over the past 25 years, and enjoyed it every time. Right in my wheelhouse. I’ve even read all of the original Herbert sequels and enjoyed them on some level. The final two novels, after God Emperor of Dune, have an Atreides descendent essentially go Super Saiyan.

The action scenes do not fail to disappoint.

If you do another Sci-fi, I’d love for you to do “Have Space Suit, Will Travel” by Heinlein. It’s one of his YA novels, and probably my favorite of his.

Lots to love about it. Kip is a likable protagonist who is reluctantly courageous and thrust into an unfamiliar world, with fun side characters. I think it’s a great one for boys. Quick read.

Nothing objectionable beyond the typical evolutionary assumptions.


For sure, I’d love to do Heinlein someday. I have a soft spot for him.