Downloading Conference Audio

Is there a convenient way to download all the sessions of the conference audio? I’d like to start making my way through these sessions, but I can’t figure out how to listen without having to stay on the browser page. I listen to stuff like this in the car and on the go, so it’s a lot easier if I’m able to download it. Right now when I right click on the player to download the .mp3, it tries to save the whole webpage.



Good question. Let me look into it and get back to you.

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There is, but it’s not exactly convenient. You can pull the url from the page source code through your browser’s “Developer’s Tools”.

I pulled one so far, and I’ll grab the rest during lunch at work.

I’ll message you the links.

Edit: Links Sent.

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Thanks! I’ll give the links you DM’d me a try.

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I’ve downloaded and organized all of the conferences, I’ll send you the conference in case you haven’t gone through the process of ripping the mp3s yet.


Let me know if you want any other conferences as well!